For inspiring Drawn to Disaster, I owe much gratitude to a lot of people.

Personal Help

My Creator, who has given me a story full of meaning and mercy (and isn’t done with it yet)

My family, who are amazing and wonderful

My friends, who have given me much encouragement, especially Susan, Karen, Joyce, Stephanie, and Kathi

My intrepid beta readers, who have given me immeasureable help: Christine (read it twice, provided brainstorming and art), Lauren (realistic teenage dialog), Janice (umpteen copies), Holly (backstory cleanup), Emily (the title), Stephanie (read until 2am!), Alex (dug the plot twists), Vanessa (fellow writer, appreciated recursion), Theresa (told me it’s interesting for adults), unnamed Writers’ League of Texas contest judge (restructured beginning, foreshadowing), and Margaret (the oldest at 95, after reading a quarter of it has already guessed what’ll happen)

My editor, Teri, who’s helped me add punch to the beginning, balance exposition and action, bring out Zarena’s thoughts, keep the dialog in character, and maintain the storytelling pace (among other things)

My publicity team, Tonya and Michael, who overflow with great ideas

My favorite DJ, Trevin-on-the-Radio of 101X

Artistic Inspiration:

The LEGO Group, especially writer/editor/storyline team member Greg Farshtey

BZPower ( members, staff, and administrators, especially staffer/MOCist Cajun and (banned) member Spirit in Black

Musicians: Joe Nichols (“Broken Heartsville”), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails, “The Hand that Feeds”), Louis Armstrong and George David Weiss (“What a Wonderful World”), Ethel Waters, Harry Akst, and Grant Clarke (“Am I Blue?”), Johnny Cash (“Walk the Line”), Rise Against (“Re-education Through Labor”), Death Cab for Cutie (“I Will Possess Your Heart”)

Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Tom Clancy, Frank Baum, the writers of fairy tales

Movie/comic/television creators: Batman, Avatar: The Last AirbenderWalk the Line

My favorite DJ, Trevin-on-the-Radio of 101X

The creators and contributors of Wikipedia

… and many more. I’ll keep adding!

Lily Gee