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GaliGee of BZPower

Zarena’s dimensional twin, GaliGee, is a LEGO Bionicle prototype of Gali Nuva who posts on BZPower. Since its database has been hacked for the umpteenth time, I’ve set up an archive for her stories here. She’s grouped some of the shorter stories together and added her artwork. (Thanks for asking, Elaina!)

Click any title for the PDF, GIF, or JPG. Read them, save them, share them! Since these are fanfics, and therefore already full of stolen stuff, they will always be free. If you want to comment, please go to GaliGee’s Stories on Thanks!


Interviews with Bionicle Beings

As a journalist for the preeminent LEGO Bionicle fan site, GaliGee interviews the characters and reports on what’s really going on, especially between issues of the comic.


Outlandish Bionicle Stories

This collection includes a Barbie invasion of Mata Nui;  a head-swapping prank by the victory-drunk Toa; a road trip to LEGOLAND on a Harley-Davidson MOC; a rumble between the Toa Nuva at the Kennedy International Airport; and a forgotten anniversary that throws the Matoran into spiritual crisis.


Toa Biographies

Each of the six elemental heroes of Mata Nui arrives, learns the mission, and faces the island’s enemies–all while being rebuilt, inside and out.


Onua’s Lucky Day

In this animated GIF, Onua is looking out for his friends as usual, but this time he receives a nice surprise.


Snow Day

This animated GIF is Kopaka’s dream of playing in the snow with Gali. If only he could control the ending…


Tahu Enslaved

In this two-page comic that LEGO would never do, Gali must use drastic measures to save Tahu from a mind-stealing krana.


Toa Dreams

After Kopaka loses his ice powers, he is tormented by a strange dream. The other Toa had a similar dream, but each saw things a bit differently.


Makuta Shorts

The supervillain of Bionicle smashes the front door–and the fourth wall–to recruit a Toa-prototype-turned-journalist to the dark side. He kidnaps her for a road trip with his lizard mech minions and otherwise interferes with her peaceful life. Meanwhile, she looks forward to his demise in Bionicle: Mask of Light. But can Makuta ever really be defeated?


Makuta Island

Just when GaliGee thought it was safe to order a pizza again, Makuta shows up holding the box. The Master of Shadows asks her to supervise the Rahkshi while they rebuild the Matoran villages on the island he’s been trying to take over for years. It’s a job offer she can’t refuse.


Makuta’s Little Black Book

Wondering if Makuta has a heart? These two stories tell of his confessions to GaliGee in a gourmet restaurant, and her perilous ride in a Dodge Viper with his shapeshifting ex. When the games of romantic vengeance begin, the bookish blue prototype is caught in the crossfire.


GaliGee Flees Mangaia

Makuta’s security camera is the source of this grayscale animated GIF , featuring GaliGee after he rebuilt her with Toa, Rahkshi, and Bohrok parts. (He calls his living MOC “GaliGee Remix.”) She’s fleeing from his lair.


Tangled Web

The filming of Bionicle: Web of Shadows has begun. As Makuta drags GaliGee to Metru Nui, she reassures herself the whole movie is a flashback, and the good guys win in LEGO storylines. But there’s a time-bending mask loose in the sea, and chaos erupts when the villains try to change the ending.




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