For your electronic enjoyment, the ebook edition of Drawn to Disaster is now available for $3.99 on Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/243393. Once you buy it, you can download it forever in any of the available formats (EPUB, HTML, Kindle, PDF, RTF, etc.).

I’m amazed and grateful to the founder of Smashwords (an author himself) for making the process relatively easy–all I had to do was clean up the formatting in MS Word, and then upload the DOC file and front cover JPG.  The Meatgrinder processed it into the different electronic formats. Except for the extra page break in the table of contents (which I’m still trying to remove), it was seamless.

Createspace, the print-on-demand service of Amazon that’s publishing the paperback, is terrific as well. I just formatted the manuscript and wraparound cover image and uploaded them as PDFs. I was able to set the price so it’s reasonable for the public and cheap for me, and the royalty calculation still comes out positive if it sells through other bookstores. (Coincidentally, it’s a power of two–or is it a coincidence? I wanted to set the eBook price at an even four bucks, but Apple rounds up to the next .99. I’ll live with the one-cent imperfection.)

Both editions were completely free to set up, and I can update my files at any time. I really recommend them for any aspiring author, just because it’s wonderful to see your work in print, and to share it with others it might entertain. Thank God we live in the electronic age!