In case you’re wondering: Yes, I do want you to tell me if you find an error!

I’ve added a missing ‘you’ on page 303, and removed a duplicate ‘my people’ on page 78. Thanks to the control and flexibility CreateSpace gives authors, these are fixed for future orders. (If I sound like an ad for CreateSpace, it’s because it’s awesome.)

Don’t blame my editor; I changed some things after she reviewed it. Thanks to Stassney, an attentive reader, for catching the second one.

Hey, maybe someday the first editions with errors will be worth something on eBay.

But seriously, I wrote D2D is just to release it from my brain and let other people read it. I’m excited at the reaction so far. Now I need to get some formal recognition (reviews), so I can get libraries to offer it. Any of y’all know a literary reviewer?

May your seas be calm.