It’s published!

By it, I mean my metafiction adventure novel, Drawn to Disaster.

In short: A shape-shifting vortex of doom tries to convince his captive, an amphibious historian, that he’s really a nice guy. Determined to escape his mechanical claws, she explores his shadowy lair, only to be drawn into his world of half-wolf minions, vengeful ex-girlfriends, bloodthirsty mercenaries, and mysteriously advanced technology. Then he reveals a reality-bending secret–and forces her to make a critical choice.

If you’re wondering about my site’s subtitle, metafiction is fiction that discusses, describes, or analyzes a work of fiction or the conventions of fiction. Drawn to Disaster is young-adult/new-adult fiction because the protagonist, a young professional, must integrate expanding knowledge of the universe and her role in it.

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Thanks for stopping by.

Lily Gee


P.S. If you’re reading the book, you can access extra content by typing “www.lilygee.com/word” into your browser’s address field, replacing “word” with the last word of the first paragraph of Chapter 2.